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Knicks Fan

New York Knicks Preseason Report 2014 posted by Knicks Fan

The New York Knicks managed to complete the 2013-14 season quite well, by winning 16 out of 23 of the last games. However, their initial 59 games were horrible, which was made worse by poor performance of Smith, who was recovering from knee surgery. Andrea Bargnani however, was the worst performer of the team, and the poor effort in the defense could be clearly seen. Only in the later part of the season, the team really blossomed, and it was managing 20.6 points for every 100 possessions, in the last 23 games.

Phil Jackson has re-signed Carmelo Anthony with a huge amount, which makes him the team's leader. Bringing Anthony back was a good strategy, as he was considering offers from other franchises. PG Raymond Felton who was troublesome, and Tyson Chandler who was not able to hold the center, were traded for Samuel Dalembert and Jose Calderon. It was a good move to get Chandler and Felton off the team, and get some new talent.

Initially, head coach Jackson was embarrassed when his protégé Steve Kerr wanted out, but he was quick to recover by bringing in Derek Fisher. In this season, Dalembert will most probably start in the center, with Cole Aldrich and Andres Bargnani maybe taking turns. Stoudamire will be logging with Bargnani as PF. Carmelo Anthony will be at SF, while Cleanothony Erly, the rookie pickup of the draft along with Travis Outlaw will be the backup. Iman Shumpert or JR Smith will be at SG, while Calderon will be at point.

Coach Jackson looks like he is still making rookie moves, and seems to be expecting too much. Experts feel the New York Knicks will perform somewhat the same as last season, and if they manage to come to the finals, it would be against great odds.

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Richard Kagan

Knicks scenario: It's Linsanity again posted by Richard Kagan

It now falls to Carmelo Anthony to be the lead scorer for the Knicks as Stoudamire is out for 2-4 weeks with a back injury.  But Melo has a slight groin pull.  What if this injury gets worse with all the wear and tear Melo will now experience as the go to guy for the Knicks.  What, lo and behold, if he is sidelined?  What if Jared Jeffries can play a week.  What if Jeremy Lin is up to full speed in a few days?  Fans, we may be back to Linsanity.  Knicks will have to bring out the old playbook  that brought on the Linsanity back in February. 

Then we will see if this team has what it takes. The city was practically levitating back then.  If Lin can find his groove and work his magic and if Novack and company can make some shots, this city will roaringly rock.

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Richard Kagan

Thoughts on the Knicks posted by Richard Kagan

The Knicks are playing tonight in Toronto where they trail in the 3rd quarter.  They are getting outplayed, they are out of rhythm.  If they lose, Knick nation will take this loss hard.  I've never seen so much panic over one loss.  The test, if they do lose, is to come back the next game and win.  The Knicks are struggling just to get to .500.  They are a game short of that mark.  If they lose, they will be two games under.  Continued focus on Anthony, Stoudamire, and Lin will intensify.

The issue is can this team when after a loss?  They are so steaky, win or lose.  This team lacks discipline.  They have talent.  But talent is not enough to win the NBA.  The team has to follow a plan outlined by the coaching staff, and execute it.  Can they do this?  It remains to be seen.

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Richard Kagan

Linsanity is for Real posted by Richard Kagan

Knicks' Rookie sensation Jeremy Lin has captured Madison Square Garden and the hearts of New York Knicks fans everywhere.  Today, the saga continued.  Lin scored 28 points, made some clutch treys, had 14 assists in spearheading the Knicks past the Dallas Mavericks, 104-97.  The Knicks had a torrid 4th quarter where three point specialist Steve Novak scored 14 points on four long distance shots in a span of 4:30.  The crowd at the Garden had plenty to cheer about.  The Knicks season is turning around.  And, Jeremy Lin, despite 6 TO's, was the catalyst again in Sunday's win at MSG.  He is a talented, smart point guard, seems tailor made for Mike D'Antoni's offense.  He's making the plays, and hitting key shots, and the Garden is cheering on each made shot.

This is not only a great story for the New York Knicks.  It is a great story for sports teams everywhere.  It seems the dream of Hoosiers does live on.  A player who looked ordinary on two other NBA teams, which eventually let him go, lands on the biggest stage of the league and is shining.  It is a great fit.  The Knicks suddenly look dangerous.  And Carmelo Anthony, one of the biggest scorers in the league hasn't returned to the starting lineup.  It's going to get interesting for the Knicks.

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Charles Bisbee

NBA Anarchy posted by Charles Bisbee

The NBA is completely bonkers right now. With less than two weeks until season’s tip-off, players are being flipped faster than flapjacks at IHOP. Chris Paul has been perfecting his start-and-stop from the comfort of his living room. Dwight Howard can't seem to decipher his own feelings about the Magic. Lamar Odom, as collateral from the Paul fall-out, whined his way to the Mavs, who were spurned earlier in the week by Tyson Chandler (Knicks). Chauncey Billups took his frequent flier miles to the Clips (though he could be dealt again by the time I finish this sentence) and Big Baby was swapped for Brandon Bass.

Wait, there's more! The Celtics thought they had Baby's replacement in David West (Paul’s former right-hand man) but the Pacers swooped in and snagged him for a cool $20 mil. Consequently, the Hornets are trying to fill out a roster with Quincy Pondexter and a collection of ball boys. Vinsanity joined Odom in Dallas, which lost Caron Butler to the Clippers, which matched Golden State’s absurd, $43 million qualifying offer to DeAndre Jordan (he with the career 5.9 ppg). T-Mac, Rip Hamilton, Chris Wilcox, Mike Bibby and Dunleavy are on the move as well, though these names seem like afterthoughts compared to the seismic activity higher up. 

And all this happened in slightly over a week. It’s certainly enough to make the casual fan's head spin. The ramifications of this unforseen, pre-season turbulence on the regular season, though, is what really boggles the mind. With little time to mesh, little time to prepare, and a season packed tighter than Delta coach, teams should be in for a wild ride. We're staring down the barrel of the most slapdash, unforseen and chemistry-bungled season since, dare I say, 1998! Should be a wild ride. 

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Julius Says

NY Knicks - When the going gets tough, Melo gets going posted by Julius Says

     Any basketball fan can tell Melo didn't have his BEST game. But the final game stats read 27pts., 10 reb....A double-double.....ON AN OFF NIGHT!!

     The night that was billed as Legend's Night from the start of the season....actually started the way it should have. The introduction of a future legend in his prime. Complete with a laser light show and all, this was a superstar coming home. This Knicks team still has to learn how to play something called DEFENSE. The fact that this team needs a defense tutorial might be an understatement. But we'll dwell a little more on this glaring hole in their game at some other point. Probably right after next game! But tonight belonged to Melo.....This man closed the show the way a rock star closes shows. He hit the important couple shots that need for a W. That's what we like here Melo. A winner. 

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Ondre Baronette

MeloDrama finally to a head posted by Ondre Baronette

So your a newly married man, you were born in Brooklyn, and play for the Denver Nuggets. Now you want to force the organization you grew up rooting for, to gut thier roster, trade you to their team, and sign that big extension. It makes little sense, about as much sense as it makes signing that extension before their is a work stoppage. The owners and players will be battling for millions, and you and your New York wife and tv personality, La La Vazquez, will be spending millions, and staying in shape. It scares me to think that these players, all be it great, can dictate the direction of franchises, and send players away from where they play, and start a new path. Its hard to complain about the player the Knicks are getting back, but the entire process, made the Lebron James, "Decesion" pale in comparison. I'll continue to watch the team, and will always think about ways to upgrade, aka, "fix" the roster, that it's okay, but I am in the minority, when I say, I hope this trade gets pulled at the last minute, and the hammer is put away, until summer time. Lets go KnicksContinue reading "MeloDrama finally to a head"

Richard Kagan

Red Storm is for Real In UConn Rout posted by Richard Kagan

In New York City, college basketball always takes a back seat to the New York Knicks.  This after all, a pro town.  The sports fans here are concerned with NBA trophies, late playoff pushes, and the Stanley Cup.  And, then there is St. John's basketball.  St. John's has been a part of NYC sports for years.  Since bubblegun was a penny, phone calls were a nickel, and water was water. 

St. John's beat No. 9 ranked UConn last night at Madison Square Garden, and did it convincing fashion.  The score was 89-72.  For many years UConn would do that to SJU.  But last night, the team came out leading by 4 points, then went on a big run, and took off, leaving the Huskies stunned in their wake. SJU guard Dwight Hardy scored 33 points, 12 in a sequence of 2 trey, and 2 3 pont plays of the more traditional way.  He was as they say, "in a zone" where the basketball looked "bigger and bigger."  That happens once in a while.  It happened last night,  On one play Hardy double-pumped and hit the shot for three.  The partisan crowd erupted. 

For a while, SJU held a 23 point lead, in the second half, and Conneticut Huskies coach Jim Calhoun looked motionless and perplexed on the bench.  Afterwards he said the Red Storm took the Huskies out of their game.  He looked taken out as well.

Kemba Walker, the All-American candidate looked all too human last night.  He scored 15 points.  About half of what he can score.  The Red Storm were relentless last night, wreaking havoc on the defensive end, getting fast break points, and scoring in transition.  The Red Storm held a 27-2 dominance in fast-break points.  The Storm also out-rebounded UConn by 10.  It was a second half rising, that captapulted the Storm into serious conversation about getting an NCAA bid. They've beaten 4 of the top 15 teams in the nation at MSG.  Now they need to beat someone on the road.  But when they are playing well, this is one dangerous team.  They are quick, can run with anyone, and have guys who love to deny the ball.  Oh, and they crash the boards.  This team is 14-9 for the season, and 6-5 in the midst of a brutal Big East schedule. But the Johnnies are holding their own. 

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sam goldman

the New York Knickerbockers are boxing there way back in to the spot light posted by sam goldman

The Knicks have been in New York  since there   BAA origins  versus  the Toronto Huskies  on November 1, 1946.  Similar to other long standing  teams there have  been high and low points.  The high point in team history was when they won two titles in 1970 and   1973. Since those titles there have good and bad seasons noticeably  the 8 year gap between 2000 and 2008 when they struggled and were led  by  numerous coaches including the Infamous Isiah Thomas. New York’s baseball empire took   advantage  of the drought  winning the city back with their multiple play off  appearances.      The Knicks were determined to take back the city so they made a bold statement clamming they could  land a big name free agent like  Lebron James and remind the city of its sports  roots . Once again things did not go the way there were supposed two   James  Bosh and Wade all declined the offer of bringing basketball back to the empire state. The  duty fell  on a unlikely hero  Amare stoudemire who in return  has brought life back to the  to the Madison Square Garden leading  the  New York Knickerbockers to a 21 and 14 record and a shot at the playoffs.Continue reading "the New York Knickerbockers are ..."

john howard

Knicks retooling, rebuilding, will make playoffs posted by john howard

The New York Knicks got duped by LeBron.  That may be for the best since the Cavs owner is sending the city of Cleveland's curse with him wherever he goes.  The Knicks were very smart in signing Armare Stoudamire and not waiting on LeBron.  They could have been left out in the cold like New Jersey.

The Knicks new that it would be very hard to keep David Lee, so they found a team that would do a sign and trade and pay very well for him.  The Golden State Warriors gave Lee a 6 year $80 million deal.  In return the Knicks get Anthony Randolph, Kaleena Azubuike, and Ronny Turiaf.

This is will be little talked about next year, but could be a really good move for New York.  Here is how the starting lineup currently looks:

PG  Tony Douglass--in his 2nd year and really needs to be coming off the bench and developing.

SG  Kaleena Azubuike--he averaged 14 points and 5 rebounds in 9 games last year before getting hurt.  He had multiple 20 point games the year before.  He could become the teams second leading scorer and still a chance to develope into an all-star.  He may start the year on the bench until he has proven he has recovered.

SF  Danillo Gallinari--averaged 15 points a game and still improving.

PF Armare Stoudamire--Averaged 20points and 11 rebs last year and reunited with D'Antoni whith whom he had his best year's with.

C  Anthony Randolph--as of right now, this spot is vacant.  With what NY currently has, Stoudamire would technically be the center, but the up tempo game suits small players.  But, Randolph will be a good 7th player.

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The 10-man rotation, starring the case *for* Kobe Bryant (or, at least, that it's not

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out. C : Silver Screen and Roll . After reading Henry Abbott's ESPN the Magazine piece arguing that Kobe Bryant is the reason for the Los Angeles Lakers' downfall, Drew Garrison presents the counterargument, suggesting that the reasons for the franchise's precipitous recent decline are numerous, varied and not all contained within the Mamba's jaw-jut. A worthwhile hearing for the defense. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball: Sign up and join a league today! ] PF : SLAM . Ryan Jones on why LeBron James is the NBA's best player, why ( ownership of the Podoloff aside) there's no real debate on the matter, and how the shifting of James' circumstances as he rejoins a significantly more loaded Cleveland Cavaliers could wind up changing that soon enough. SF : Sports on Earth . Howard Megdal on how —all the internecine drama , back-room dealings and franchise-jumping aside —we've still got quite a bit to learn about exactly what kind of NBA head coach Jason Kidd's going to be. SG : ChicagoNow . Yes, Derrick Rose looked great on Monday, but the Chicago Bulls' loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers showed a few persistent and perhaps worrisome questions for Tom Thibodeau's club, according to Doug Thonus. PG : National Post . Eric Koreen floats an idea that Our Fearless Leader has championed in the past : shorten the preseason and make the regular season longer, not in games played, but in dates covered. 6th : A Wolf Among Wolves . William Bohl sees the Minnesota Timberwolves running more sets for midrange jumpers under once-and-future head coach Flip Saunders, and he wonders whether that approach will prove beneficial for a young Wolves roster without very many knockdown shooters. ( Kelly's not real bullish on it , for what it's worth.) 7th : Raptors Republic . Smart stuff from Blake Murphy on the interesting dilemma facing the Toronto Raptors and surprise 2014 first-round draft pick Bruno Caboclo —how does a team setting its sights on the conference finals find the floor time to develop an incredibly raw player when it doesn't have its own exclusive D-League affiliate? 8th : Detroit Bad Boys . Considering what a more efficient Josh Smith might look like, what Stan Van Gundy's done this preseason to try to conjure such a performance, and whether it's more likely that Smith turns in that brand of play for the Detroit Pistons or gets moved before the February trade deadline. 9th : Posting and Toasting . Derek Fisher says Amar'e Stoudemire —he of the wine baths of indeterminate medical benefit —isn't operating under any sort of minute or playing-time restrictions, and the former All-Star big man says he's feeling great. What does this mean for STAT's role on the New York Knicks this year? 10th : Los Angeles Times . Chris Douglas-Roberts is wearing short shorts —or, at least, the shortest shorts he was able to get from the Los Angeles Clippers —in hopes that they "will give him the freedom to be an elite perimeter defender." - - - - - - - Dan Devine is an editor for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YourManDevine Stay connected with Ball Don't Lie on Twitter @YahooBDL , "Like" BDL on Facebook and follow BDL's Tumblr for year-round NBA talk, jokes and more. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Mayo scores 24 points, Bucks top Knicks 120-107

NEW YORK (AP) Reserve guard O.J. Mayo scored a team-high 24 points, and Giannis Antentokounmpo added 14 as the Milwaukee Bucks beat the New York Knicks 120-107 in a preseason game on Monday night. [read full article]

From FOX Sports Digital

Mayo scores 24 points, Bucks top Knicks 120-107 (Yahoo Sports)

[read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

The 10-man rotation, starring the case against Kobe Bryant (Ball Don't Lie)

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out. C : ESPN the Magazine . Henry Abbott presents the argument that Kobe Bryant —his contract, his demeanor, his relationship to other top stars, etc. —is the primary reason the Los Angeles Lakers have become awful, are likely to be awful again this season and might continue to be awful until after he's retired. My general, broad-strokes takeaways: •The efficiency/effectiveness/demeanor claims aren't necessarily anything new, and we're certainly no closer to folks on either side of those debates capitulating today than we were yesterday; •There are other points that can be raised as, if not mitigating factors, then at least factors worth considering in the Lakers' decline; •There sure seem to be a lot of Lakers-related folks and agents willing to slam Kobe under cover of anonymity! PF : . In addition to the standard dynamite grab-bag of news and notes, David Aldridge's Monday Morning Tip features something I thought about quite a bit last week —what Scott Brooks might do with his starting lineup now that Kevin Durant won't be available at the three for the Oklahoma City Thunder for a little while. SF : Hang Time . With multiple teams preaching the gospel of ball and player movement after watching the San Antonio Spurs slice and dice the opposition en route to a championship, John Schuhmann digs into the NBA's SportVU optical tracking data to find out whether there's any correlation between all that motion and having a great, highly efficient offense. (Spoiler alert: There isn't!) SG : The Brooklyn Game . Schuhmann's research led Devin Kharpertian to wonder what does correlate with offensive efficiency, so he, too, got to digging. PG : Fast Break and The Hook . Adam Lauridsen expects a monster win total from this year's Golden State Warriors, and Tom Ziller thinks they might just be weird enough to get there. 6th : TrueHoop . For Golden State to reach those great heights, as Ethan Sherwood Strauss sees it, they're going to need Klay Thompson to become the All-Star his new head coach thinks he can be. 7th : 8 Points, 9 Seconds . On Roy Hibbert, the Indiana Pacers' great and giant X-factor, and the question —will he "believe his outward confidence about being one of the league’s best or will he let doubt overcome him after a few ugly box scores?" —that "might reveal his long-term future in Indiana." 8th : Ballislife . A fun documentary-style look at Jamal Crawford's come-up in, and ongoing relationship with, Seattle. 9th : Boston Globe . Gary Washburn leads off his Sunday notes column with a good one-on-one about finding an NBA role with James Johnson, who went from first-round pick to out of the league to a multi-year deal , and is trying to do whatever he can to avoid sliding back down to that middle step: "I’m just trying to help the youngsters so they don’t make the same mistakes I made.”10th : Hardwood Paroxysm . Seth Partnow talks to former New York Knicks shooting coach Dave Hopla about the ins and outs of trying to improve NBA players' jumpers —what works, what doesn't, and more. - - - - - - - Dan Devine is an editor for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YourManDevine Stay connected with Ball Don't Lie on Twitter @YahooBDL , "Like" BDL on Facebook and follow BDL's Tumblr for year-round NBA talk, jokes and more. [read full article]

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BDL's 2014-15 NBA Season Previews: Oklahoma City Thunder (Ball Don't Lie)

I hope you appreciated Kevin Durant's brilliance last season, because we're going to get about 25 percent less of it this year, and that leaves the Oklahoma City Thunder with a lot of questions. When the Most Valuable Player will return from his right foot fracture remains unclear. He underwent surgery Thursday to repair the "Jones fracture" — a break in the fifth metatarsal, which runs from the pinkie toe toward the heel — and will be re-evaluated in six weeks. While there's no guarantee that surgery will prevent recurrences of problems with the foot in the future, the surgery will reportedly improve his outlook moving forward ... after, of course, six to eight weeks of recuperation. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball: Sign up and join a league today! ] Either way, for about 20 games, the Thunder must replace Durant's league-leading scoring and his playmaking. And his long-armed, quick-footed defensive presence. And the openings he creates for teammates when terrified defenses tilt toward him. Spoiler alert: They won't. Oklahoma City will be worse than we expected, and the difference is enough to decrease its odds of winning a championship . In a conference thick with contenders, a couple of extra Ls can mean dropping a couple of spots in the standings; running the Western gauntlet without home-court advantage seems unlikely, even with a recovered Durant. But while Durant's injury depresses, his absence intrigues. What will a team so reliant on his brilliance rely on now? “One of the ways to improve your team and make up for loss offensively is to play even better defensively and reduce the net rating between the offense and the defense,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti told reporters, according to Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman . “[...] in Kevin’s absence, continuing to build a defensive identity is going to be really important in making sure that we are as balanced as ever offensively.” But doubling down on defense evokes visions of opponents ignoring Kendrick Perkins, gladly leaving Perry Jones III and Andre Roberson alone, and putting everything they have between Russell Westbrook and the rim. Scott Brooks needs new answers; he must get creative, drawing inspiration from the reality that, for now, his team will only go as far as hischaos-agent point guard takes it. What will that look like? Will Brooks give the Thunder's intriguing but incomplete youth the opportunity to hold down the fort? Or will he hunker down while the storm passes and just hope the roof doesn't collapse? Whichever approach Oklahoma City takes, can it avoid falling so far off the West's pace that even Durant's return can't keep its championship hopes from being dashed once again? 2013-14 season in 140 characters or less: Russ gone . Russ back ! Gone . Back ! KD's now terrifying , even if he doesn't want to be. MVP season; even better speech . Injuries , again, suck . Did the summer help at all? It definitely helped those eager to discuss Durant  leaving Oklahoma City in free agency in 2016. Not sure it helped the Thunder on the court, though. OKC lost three rotation members — longtime starter Thabo Sefolosha, who joined the Atlanta Hawks; Derek Fisher, who became the head coach of the New York Knicks; and Caron Butler, a February  addition who  signed with the Detroit Pistons. Then again, considering Sefolosha was nearly unplayable in the playoffs, and that Fisher and Butler were arguably worse — Oklahoma City played 7.2 points per 100 possessions better with Fisher off the floor, and 6.5 points-per-100 without Butler, according to — that could be addition by subtraction ... if the guys filling those minutes have improved. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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